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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2013 Daily Libra Horoscope

2013 Daily Libra Horoscope:

December should be an especially busy month for you, dear Libra. Even your home life could provide little relief from hustle and bustle. Your best bet is to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to information you're receiving this month - some of it will be distracting, useless, and incorrect! Nevertheless, pay attention to some of the ideas you're getting now, as you are sure to come up with something fabulous. Excess energy is experienced in your home life this month, and it will be important to try to direct or channel it into productive activities. A close relationship can begin to move forward after a sluggish few months. More clarity is with you, but you should nevertheless expect the unexpected with a partner. There is a need for less restriction or hard and fast "rules". Some of you could experience difficult family relationships in the last week of the month, when clashes tend to pull up deep emotions, and quite suddenly! A partner and family may not be mixing well for some of you. Nevertheless, you are set to begin the New Year with a renewed commitment to going after what you want, to having fun, and to enjoying romance.